Tarrusk is the main human settlement, with the large continent made up of several cities and their lands, each controlled by a separate Mage Lord, ruled over by The Lake King in Flortus.

Following a long period of strife between Dwarves and Humans, a tentative peace was brokered with the establishment of Tarrusk.

There are strong trading routes up and down the Tres river, and cross country between Nook and Fairshade. Between the city-states, the forests and low-lands are essentially lawless, with bandits and brigands operating with impunity. Each city makes an effort to police the area around them, but most are left to their own devices.

Tarrusk is, on the whole, a very multiracial area, with most races being part of the fabric of local life. You are likely to find more Dwarish elements to the south and Elvish to the west, but none will be out of place anywhere.


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