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Tarrusk is fairly peaceful land, with strong trade routes running between most lands. Most of the wild magic of old has been tamed by the will of man, dwarf or elf, but a few pockets still remain for the foolish or adventurous.

To the north-west is Lartherian, a predominantly elven kingdom. Whilst outsiders are permitted, to say they are welcomed would be a stretch. The further northwest you go, the less you are likely to see non-eleven folk, save for a few trusted friends of the race. Blas and Bobag are the main trading ports but the routes there is fraught with pirates.

To the east is Tarrusk, a more feudal state. Each city is ostensibly a state unto itself, being ruled by a local Mage Lord, but swearing tentative fealty to The Lake King, ruling out Flortus. This position is a hereditary one, but with the support of enough local dukes, the line has been overthrown several times.

This land is a very mixed land, with most races being a common sight. Some cities are a little more biased towards a certain race or another, but rarely is there any trouble at anyone.

Between these two nations are The Free Isles, a collection of towns and hamlets, clinging to rocks and islands, for folks who feel no longer welcome in the neighboring lands. They have only 4 cities to speak of, and only two would resemble what is considered a city elsewhere, the other two simply being large flotillas of ships and bares. There is no law to speak of, only what the local community enforces.

The mountains south of Flortus are dwarven lands. There is a healthy trade of gems and metals out of the mine, along with young dwarves out to prove their names, but very few outsiders have ever entered the hallowed halls.

To the south, is a vast desert region. There are a few cities along the north coast that trade in various exotic items, but most of the continent is unmapped or unexplored. Parties that have ventured into the dunes either return mad or not at all.

And so it is in this land we set our scene, in the city of Nook, in The Golden Gravy Inn, where another fight has just broken out…

Main Page

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